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What is makerHub?

makerHub is a professional network that allows anyone to co-create projects, get virtual advice, find a mentor, or even a co-founder for your start-up. We serve as a mediator between ideas and people who can turn these ideas into tangible solutions, Minimum Viable Products, which can be either featured on makerHub or presented to stakeholders.

*Using a Minimum Viable Product decreases time and costs to the market.
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Who is makerHub for?

makeHub is for anyone looking to design and grow their projects, companies, and careers. Individuals who have been validated as a Maker via makerHub can design their services, define their schedule and set their price. Makers can be contacted by the product owners, startup founders, or established companies.
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What makes it different?

A proof of "Maker:"
Intrinsic Motivation
Projects created
Team spirit
Social impact
It is not important what you have learned or how many years of experience you have. It is important what you have made out of it!
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How do you choose tools?

The digitals tools which can be found on makerHub are handpicked. We have been collecting these tools for more than 4 years by working on various projects.
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